08.01.2017 Urgent info for the Tech Dummy

Something BIG is Happening August first. A new alt coin is being born called Bitcoin Cash, and you will see the abbreviations for it as “BCC” and “BCH”. Due to uncertainty and many other factors, you should make sure your bitcoins are safe. 

Secure Wallet: Must have one immediately!

Make sure your Bitcoins are in a secure wallet that you control the keys to (your own wallet addresses and a encrypted wallet basically). I wrote a simple tutorial on how to download and install the Electrum Wallet. There are many different kinds, varieties and flavors of bitcoin wallets, including hardware wallets such as Trezor. Do NOT use online wallets.

Electrum is a great one, has been around forever, and is tried, trusted, and safe. I am only familiar with this wallet so far. Be very careful to only use the official Electrum.org website. There are a lot of fake sites out there. Please check out my first blog on how to download and install it.

If your bitcoins are in a secure wallet, you can automatically get the new BITCOIN CASH! No one knows what this alt coin will do. Could be worthless, it could become even better and more amazing than Bitcoin. I am not educated enough yet to speculate.

How to get Bitcoin Cash? BCC BCH

I don’t know exactly yet. I hope to post a blog as soon as I find out, and to update this one as I learn more.

Technically how to get your BCC:
Import your bitcoin private keys to Bitcoin Cash software. Be VERY Careful !!! There are VERY few choices, and there could potentially be many FAKE wallets designed to steal your bitcoin and bitcoin cash. The official Bitcoin Cash software is Bitcoin ABC, but it is a full node, so it requires downloading the entire blockchain (and that takes awhile and requires tech skills I have yet to do this). You can deposit all your bitcoin to an exchange that supports BCC before the fork, but it is VERY risky to leave your bitcoin in an exchange. Alternatively you can use a service to extract your bitcoin cash from keys after the fork.

What tech dummy me is doing :

There is an INSANE amount of information to learn in a very short amount of time, and even the most Tech Savvy people are finding it much more difficult then they anticipated. If you are a tech dummy like me , or limited by time constraints, please use Maine Bitcoin LLC ’s services.

This is how you purchase his services to extract and get your Bitcoin Cash.

What you need to do : This service is currently offered on the Paxful and Localbitcoins trading platforms. They are Bitcoin peer to peer (P2P) trading sites (kind of like Ebay and Craigslist on crack, but in a good way).


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You now are the proud owner of the NEW ALT COIN BITCOIN CASH!!!

NOW WHAT? I do not currently know about BCC (bitcoin cash) wallets, transactions, or value yet. This will be determined very soon, and I will post about it. Stay tuned! 😽

Exciting Times!

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