Extract BCC from Electrum using Coinomi Android App (for tech dummies)


It seem there are many ways to extract Bitcoin Cash (BCC BCH), the new alt coin created August 1st 2017. I will explain how I clumsily learned to do it. You need to extract your private keys from your electrum (or similar) wallet, and then use the Coinomi Android app to extract your BCC.




DOWNLOAD COINOMI : Download the Coinomi app. Be careful. Often there are fake apps out there. See tutorial if you need help.

Now the confusing part. I will describe how to extract BCC, though I don’t understand how the tech behind how it works. It’s all magic to me. :P

PRIVATE KEYS : You need to obtain your private keys from your Electrum Wallet. Other secure wallets could also work but I have not tried it. See this blog Electrum 101 part Two: How to find your Private Keys

SWEEP WALLET : You need to do something called “Sweep a wallet”. The technical jargon is a little confusing, so just follow my directions: Do not get confused. There is also something called “importing your keys”. You do NOT want to do that in this particular case. This is atypical since you are getting BCC. Don’t worry about the Tech magic behind it.

  • Open your Coinomi Wallet. Make sure you have Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH) added as coins you use for this wallet. Your screen should look similar to THIS.
  • Click on “BCC”. You will be in your BCC wallet on Coinomi. It looks like THIS.
  • Click the three dots on the top right to pull down a menu. Looks like THIS.
  • Click “SWEEP WALLET”. It will look like THISFeel free to ignore most of the tech jargon on this page like I did. You can now paste/type/scan your private key here.

I entered the Private key associated with an address I used to deposit 0.005 on Electrum before the fork. After I pasted this key , it looks like THIS .

  • Now click the CONFIRM Button and your screen should look similar to THIS.

CONGRATULATIONS!! You are Now the proud owner of the new alt-coin Bitcoin Cash!! Enjoy :) I recommend depositing it on one of my favorite sites BtcPop.

Updated 8–3–2017 -kareninsf and consultation by Snowkeld